About Me

My name is Larissa.

I began this blog as a first-year medical student at Stanford University, hoping it would provide a way to share inspiration with those who came across it as well as some insights into the journey through medical school.  Some of these posts were drawn from experiences within med school, others from experiences outside of it, but all of them from experiences as a human being sharing the road of life.  Whether or not medicine is your cup of tea, welcome!

As you will see from the time gap in the pages, I found it challenging to keep up with blogging during the final clinical years of my medical education. This was partly due to the grueling schedule and partly due to uncertainty about how to share my experiences.  I had lived for years as a student, and I knew how to write about things a student is familiar with: learning, studying, family, personal thoughts and feelings.  I realize now that I was not so sure how to write about life and death.

Since those initial posts, I have graduated from medical school,  completed my intern year in medicine, and am now training as a resident physician in anesthesiology.  Although I feel a little older, I realize all the more that there is so much I don’t understand about life.  I still don’t know how to write about life and death, or the fact that I must daily walk that line with those I care for, but perhaps I can try.

As always, my first priority is to honor the privacy of those I interact with, so any postings referring to patient interactions will remain vague or have enough details changed to preserve anonymity. 

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